“FAT: A Life Unfiltered” brings us face-to-face with  the reality of what it’s like to be big in a culture that condones all the behaviors that lead to obesity then shames the result. Jon Stanton wades into this uncomfortable topic with rare humor and humility. His honest look at the inner and outer struggles of weight will cause you to laugh out loud and choke back tears. Highly recommended. A must-read for everyone who eats.”

Tosca LeeNew York Times bestselling author of The Line Between and The Progeny

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More About “FAT: A Life Unfiltered”

“FAT: A Life Unfiltered” isn’t a book just for people who struggle with weight. It’s a book for everyone who struggles with anything. And readers will laugh, cry, and find hope within its pages.

Are you overweight and feel like no one understands how hard it is to lose weight? Are you sick and tired of the yo-yo? Is your weight not an issue in your life, but you can’t understand why those you love who are overweight can’t just “lose the weight?” Or…maybe none of the above apply to you, and you just like to ready quirky stories that make you laugh but also make you think a bit…? Come along with Jon Stanton on an adventurous and humorous read where weight is the often-present character – the factor that overshadows nearly every experience in his life.

Nearly forty percent of American adults are obese, and Jon Stanton is one of them. He’s struggled with obesity most of his life, “I was already wearing adult-sized clothes in third grade,” he said, and now he’s written a book about what it’s like to grow up and live as a fat man.

“FAT: A Life Unfiltered” is a frank portrayal into the life of the obese, but with an emphasis on more humorous experiences of being overweight. “When you’re more than 100 pounds overweight for most of your life, funny things happen to you that don’t happen to thin people or even people who are just slightly overweight,” Stanton said. “It also affects your worldview, the decisions you make, how you form relationships – almost everything about your life is impacted in some way.”

Stanton said he wanted to keep most of the book humorous because laughter opens people’s hearts, allowing them to feel the pain and shame the extremely obese experience without being overwhelmed. The entire book isn’t funny, though. “I took time to discuss what goes on in our heads,” he said. “Nearly everyone I know who is as big as I am struggles with low self-esteem and negative self-talk, as well as denial. I couldn’t leave those things out of the narrative.”

Stanton has been as heavy as 430 pounds and as light as 200 pounds, within just a couple years of each other. From 2007-2009, he lost 230 pounds through eating better and exercising regularly and he kept the weight off for over three years. He completed two half-marathons, a century ride (100 miles in one day) on his bike and appeared on NBC’s “Today” and the “700 Club” to tell his success story to others who struggle with weight. He also won the Governor’s Fitness Award from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.

“Those were some of the best years of my life. I was speaking to groups regularly about healthy living, I met and married my wife, I was riding my bike 3,000 miles annually and felt great. But old demons are hard to keep at bay forever, and unfortunately, I eventually gained back more than 100 of those pounds.”

That, Stanton said, is why he wrote the book. “Battling weight all the time, especially in our food-saturated culture, is exhausting. I wanted to encourage people who have struggled, let them know they aren’t alone, and try to help people who have never struggled understand we aren’t just lazy, unmotivated creatures with no willpower.”

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