Jon is on TV and On the Air! Watch or Listen!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind here at Hope for the Heavy headquarters as word is beginning to spread about both the website and my book. I was recently in Michigan, where I grew up, and had three book signing events and was interviewed by two local radio stations.

I’m especially pleased with the “In Focus” news program, which had me on as a guest for their half-hour show. “In Focus” runs on Z92.5 The Castle, a radio station broadcasting from Owosso, Michigan, which is about ten miles from my hometown.

Our half hour discussion touched on many topics, but it was especially interesting to talk with the host about the self-publishing process. I’ve fielded a lot of questions about what it’s like to write a self-published book. And now I’ve had the opportunity to really discuss in greater detail what that process is like. Click here to listen to the show.

The day after returning to Florida, a local TV station interviewed me in the park across the street from our house. It was a cool morning for Florida, but the sun was shining, and I was really pleased to have my wife with me for the interview. To watch the story, click here.

These media appearances, as well as others that have already happened or will be happening soon, are a great opportunity to spread the word about Hope for the Heavy. I’m happy for every opportunity I have to share with those who struggle with weight to not give up. I’m also happy to provide a window into the lives of those of us who struggle for those who don’t. I think this is especially valuable if a person who’s never had a weight problem has a significant loved one who does.

Please help me spread the word by letting your friends and family know about Hope for the Heavy. Sharing this blog with them is a great place to start!

2 thoughts on “Jon is on TV and On the Air! Watch or Listen!

  1. Was just now able to listen to the program. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. You’re welcome! Hope you and Andy are dong well!


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