Jodi Davis is February’s Hope for the Heavy Hero

Jodi Davis is a lifesaver. Without her encouragement and support, it’s unlikely I would have successfully lost 230 pounds. And now that I’ve gained back some of my weight, she’s still here, sending me words of encouragement, support, and inspiration. Jodi Davis is February’s Hope for the Heavy hero.

I first met Jodi in late 2007. I had started paying attention to my weight earlier that year when, at 430 pounds, my doctor told me I was going to be dead by the time I was 50 if I didn’t do something. Shortly after that wake-up call, I received my copy of “Living Healthy” magazine, a publication of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), my health insurer at the time.

On the cover I saw this photo of a smiling woman who had lost 162 pounds by walking and paying attention to what she ate.

That was it. No special and restrictive diet, no crazy exercise routine, just commonsense eating and exercise. I was intrigued because at the time, I was doing the same thing. Walking regularly and paying attention to what I ate. And I was on my way to losing 230 pounds.

Jodi Davis – before and after losing 162 pounds!

I read the article and decided to reach out to Jodi. She responded immediately and encouraged me in my endeavors. Eventually, she was at a nearby event, and I had the opportunity to meet her in person. We began a friendship and a support-ship that has endured to this very day! Jodi became my go-to person for encouragement in my efforts to stay healthy. And she was always ready with the words I needed to hear to keep me going.

Jodi and I developed a natural rapport and started doing some public events together after I had lost 230 pounds. We recorded some videos, such as this one (click here). We spoke at various events inspiring others (see photos below), and we both appeared on national TV – on NBC’s “Today” show. We’re both members of Joy Bauer’s “Joy Fit Club” (Joy is the nutrition expert for NBC’s “Today”) and are featured in one of her cookbooks (click here).

We both won awards from Michigan’s governor for our efforts to inspire Michiganders to live healthy lives.

Jodi’s support and help reached far beyond me, though. As a healthy living advocate for BCBSM, she spoke and interacted with thousands of people across the state. Her message was positive and practical – “You can do it, one step at a time;” “Focus on health, not a number;” and my favorite that I still tell myself often…”One bite tastes the same as twenty!” By following her own advice, Jodi has kept off the 162 pounds she lost for an amazing 18 years!

Jodi Davis speaking from the steps of the Michigan Capitol building in downtown Lansing. “You can do it, too!”

Jodi is an amazing friend, mother, and human being. She loves to help people, and through her efforts, likely thousands of lives have been impacted. Jodi Davis, my friend and mentor, is February’s Hope for the Heavy hero!

Jodi enjoying a walk along a beautiful Lake Michigan beach.

Read more about Jodi in my book, “FAT: A Life Unfiltered,” available here.

1 thought on “Jodi Davis is February’s Hope for the Heavy Hero

  1. Yay, Jodi! I’m so grateful for your kindness, love, passion and inspiration. Keep being you! ❤️ Janet


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