It’s Here!

Now Available!

It’s here!!

Wow…I have been waiting to write those words for what seems like a very long time. This whole self-publishing thing is a learning process for me. Parts of what I expected to be difficult were not, and parts of things I thought would be simple ended up being very problematic. But “FAT: A Life Unfiltered” is finally a reality.

Now that the book and e-book are available, I need your help. Obviously, I’d love if you ordered a copy. The e-book is only $7.99, and the paperback is $14.99. If you really like me, you can also order an autographed copy.

Another way you can help me is to post a review. To build my visibility on Amazon, I need not only sales, but also customer reviews. Once you’ve read the book and hopefully find it meaningful and/or enjoyable, please head back to the order page and scroll down to the Customer Review section and click on the “Write a customer review” button. Here are direct links to both pages in case you can’t locate the link in your order email:



Finally, I’d love to talk to your church, civic group, or club about my book and the experience of living as a fat person. Click here to send me a request to speak. Right now, I’m available to speak within a 50-mile or so radius of Sarasota, Florida. But I plan to be in Michigan and Nebraska (places I’ve lived) at some point, so if you know me from those places, feel free to send me a request!

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