HOLIDAY SALE!!!! Order Your Book(s) Today!

I’m old enough to remember when Black Friday first came on the scene. I don’t think it was “a thing” until maybe sometime in the 1980s. Or at least it wasn’t “a thing” in our household!

I went shopping on Black Friday…once. I swore I’d never do it again. I’m not the type that generally enjoys shopping anyhow, so the long lines, big crowds, and angry people trying to run me over with their shopping carts wasn’t very appealing. As online shopping became easier and the advent of Cyber Monday came along, I breathed a sigh of relief.

So, in the spirit of gift-giving, I’m running a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale on my book, “FAT: A Life Unfiltered.” From now through 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Monday, you can get the e-book version for only $3.99 (a savings of 50%) or two copies of the paperback version for only $20! (33% off the list price!)

It’s a good time to stock up on copies to give as gifts to the readers in your family or circle of friends. And while the book is being sold and distributed through Amazon, you are also helping support yours truly – an independent business owner.

I’ve had a few folks ask me about the title and what I would suggest about giving the book to someone who has struggled with weight. I can’t give a “one size fits all” answer to that question, but I can tell you this.

First, I wrote the book to be engaging and enjoyable for all readers, regardless of size. People who want to laugh and enjoy humorous memoirs or crazy stories about life will enjoy my book.

Second, while weight is my struggle and the struggle of many others, nearly all of us struggle with something that overshadows our lives at times. Perhaps when you give the book to someone who struggles, you can acknowledge the struggles in your own life, too. I want my book to be a conversation starter about topics our culture prefers to avoid. Take the opportunity to be “real” with a person whom you care about.

Last, take the opportunity to share with the person how much you love and care about them. As you’ll read in my book, people like me who have been very overweight most of our lives need frequent reassurances that we are loved. We struggle with loving ourselves and often feel ostracized by the skinny world around us. Tell the person you love them and have a book that you hope will make them laugh, make them cry, and offer inspiration and encouragement…all wrapped up in one!

Happy holidays to all of you!! Please, share this blog freely among family and friends! And don’t forget to get your copies of “FAT: A Life Unfiltered” today!

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY SALE!!!! Order Your Book(s) Today!

  1. It worked for one person (she ordered your book on the spot), but not for the other person. I guess 50% isn’t bad. The first person just lost 100lbs, the second one needs to.

    Responding on my phone, so please excuse my brevity.


    1. Oh dear! Customer service with the world’s largest corporation is not going well so far. Very frustrating! Please let person 2 know they can email me with their address, and I will send them a check for the $3 holiday discount. And my apologies for the hassle!




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