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Hopefully you’ve already acquired your copy of my book, “FAT: A Life Unfiltered.” If you haven’t, now’s the time to do it as I’m running a Cyber Monday week sale. The Kindle version is only $3.99 (50% off) and the paperback version is available at 33% off when you buy 2 copies for only $20. To order for yourself or as a gift, click here.

For those who have a copy of my book, I’d love for you to send me a picture of you with it, along with a few words about your own story/struggle with weight. I’ll be selecting a few of you to feature in my blog. Please note that if you send me a photo, I’m assuming I have your permission to publish and share it on my website and social media. Send your photos and words to:

I’d like to start by featuring my cousin, Carol Blum. Carol lives in the United Kingdom and is a retired schoolteacher. She has two children and three grandchildren whom she adores. Check out her awesome photo at the top of the page!

Carol has struggled with her weight for many years, and after seeing the pictures below of herself at her heaviest weight of more than 250 pounds, she realized she had to do something if she wanted to be around to enjoy her grandchildren for several years.

Carol followed a program in the U.K. called “Slimming World,” which is similar to Weight Watchers in the U.S. She took frequent walks and found ways to continue to enjoy food – just healthier options and portion sizes.

Today, Carol is a slim 147 pounds. She has more energy and is enjoying activities with her family, especially her precious grandchildren. I’m so proud of her, and I’m also grateful for her encouragement and support as I continue my efforts to return to a healthier weight. Carol gives me hope! Check out her awesome “after” photo below! Congratulations, Carol! You are AWESOME and an inspiration to us all!

4 thoughts on “Show Me Your Photo!

  1. Carol what an inspiration. You look wonderful. Congratulations


  2. Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my Slimming World group here in Rainham, Kent , England. It is a shame that these groups aren’t in the States. It has taken me over four years but other members have lost weight much faster than I have. It’s not a’s a healthy eating plan…and I cannot imagine eating any other way again. Take it a day at a time…if you mess up one day just start again..


  3. Woow..Carol you look wonderful
    And this motivate me to do something about my weight that I was struggling with for years, and now weighing over 300lbs, and know I have to do something about this weight and in a hurry if I want to be around to play with my 4 grandkids.
    Thanks so much for sharing your photos this really encouraged me, and gives me hope for a future.

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    1. I am so inspired by my cousin Carol, too, Belinda! Best wishes to you on your quest to be healthy so you can enjoy your grandkids for many years to come! If you’d like a copy of my book (the one Carol is holding), it’s available from Amazon UK at this link:


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