Next Up: Headphones or Earbuds

Dust off (if they need it) your headphones or earbuds – the audiobook version of “FAT: A Life Unfiltered” is underway! Since this is my first time doing something like this, I can’t tell you the exact date it will be available. But why wait? Go ahead and make a note somewhere to get your copy now!

Those who know me well know that I’m usually a few years (or more) behind on the latest electronic trends. I seem to have an aversion to being an “early adopter.” My car is 16 years old, I’m sticking with my trusty iPhone 6 until Apple no longer supports it, my computer is a five-year-old bargain basement model, and I hate earbuds. My huge, honkin’ Sony headphones from a different era work perfectly well, thank you very much!

You really can’t enjoy a 32-foot pipe organ stop, or a really great audiobook without some of these babies, don’t you think?

When my book came out, I was surprised to hear so many people asking me about an audio version. You guessed it. I haven’t joined the audiobook craze, even with Audible’s constant offers of a free trial.

I did some research (using my ancient computer) and found out it was time to get over it and get recording. Audiobooks sell better than any other version of a book these days, and I need money. I quickly shifted gears and began researching what I would need to pull off recording my book.

The process has been pretty easy. The biggest hurdle was getting over my dislike of my own voice. That’s a long story not worth sharing with you, but having heard myself on the radio a few times recently, I decided my professional voice is better than I thought. So, I chose yours truly as the narrator.

I watched a few videos, ordered some equipment, and set about finding a quiet spot to record. That was the next significant hurdle. After mulling over some options, I’m setting up shop inside a storage closet at our church. There’s just enough room for me and my equipment, and the church’s extra chairs and holiday creche materials. I have a series of barn animal cutouts to keep me company.

So, please stay tuned! You’ll be some of the first to know when the audio version is available! If you can’t wait that long, then by all means, please get your Kindle or paperback version today at this link. Or, if you are averse to the online juggernaut, you can get a copy from Barnes and Noble, Schuler Books, or request a copy from your local bookstore.

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