Help Me Help Those Who are Hungry

Kind of ironic, yes? A fat guy writing a blog about helping people who are hungry…perhaps some of the more cheeky among you are thinking, “Well Jon, if you donated half of what you eat every day to the hungry, there’d be more than enough for both of you!” It’s true, there are days when I likely eat more than enough for two people. But that’s not the point of this post!

When the world began holing up inside of our domiciles because of the coronavirus, it quickly became clear that people of all ages needed things to do. Yes, much of the world is at our fingertips thanks to the internet; in fact I am playing the piano for my first ever online virtual wedding tomorrow! But screen time gets old after a while. So, why not resurrect that good ole pastime – reading!

Last week, I lowered the price of “FAT: A Life Unfiltered” to the lowest amount Amazon would allow – $2.99 for the Kindle e-book and $11 for the paperback. I did this to try and encourage reading, especially during a time when many of us might have more time for it. And I also wanted my book to be accessible for teens who may be bored out of their gourd by now.

Today, I was inspired to go a step further. Lowering the price means I’m making very little on each book purchase. Even though my profits are lower, I decided to share those profits with those who might be impacted by job loss or having kids at home. My wife and I have what we need and then some. Perhaps others in my area are not so lucky.

So, for now and until an uncertain future date, half of my profits (50%) will go to All Faiths Food Bank, the largest food bank and food distributor in the three county area where I live in Florida. Importantly, All Faiths is currently maintaining their mobile food pantries, food bank distributions, and providing meals to kids who qualify for the free school lunch program but are now stuck at home.

Will you help me help those who may be facing hunger while we weather this storm? If you haven’t ordered my book yet, now’s a great time to do it! It’s also a great time to share it with others. Yeah, I know the title can be a little scary when sharing it with friends. But if you’ve read it and if you read the reviews, you already know it’s not a diatribe or a self-help book for fat people. It’s a humorous, enlightening, and encouraging memoir from someone who has struggled with weight for his entire life. But really, anyone who struggles with anything will relate. And they will laugh, cry, and be inspired as part of the process!

PRICES – $2.99 (Kindle e-book), $11 (paperback)

To get a Kindle or paperback copy directly from Amazon with free Prime shipping, click here.

If you don’t do Amazon, you can order the paperback from me directly for the same price by clicking here.

And if you don’t shop online, send me a message at, and I’ll reply with instructions on how to send me a check.

It might not seem like much, but the food bank is happy to receive any support they can right now. And PLEASE – share this blog with your friends and family, especially if you don’t feel comfortable ordering a copy of my book for them yourself.

Happy reading, and happy helping those in need!

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